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Testimonials & Photo Gallery – Young Engineers

So far we’ve gone on and on and on about how wonderful our programs are…now we invite you to see what parents have to say about our programs.

Marco (8Y) thought your class was “great because it was fun and I learned a lot. It was epic“.

-Monica- London, UK


My son loved every minute of it! Only class I ever signed him up for where he asks me as soon as it finishes “When can I go again?”! – No doubt: We will be back! Ruben (7)

-Nicole- London, UK


My boys attended the Easter camp and loved it! My older son who is 7 wouldn’t even take a break for a snack as he enjoyed building machines very much. My boys are rarely entertained for that long, and they had fun and learned new concepts as well!

-Serena- London, UK