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Bricks LEGO® Challenge (ages 5-11)

Bricks LEGO® Challenge

Young Engineers Bricks Challenge program introduces primary school children (ages 5-11) to the basic principles of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). By integrating basic arithmetic learned in school with an intuitive active learning process, children grasp a better understanding of the fundamentals of physics and engineering concepts.

We offer afternoon and weekend classes during term time as well as holiday camps during term breaks.  Please contact us by email at info.westlondon@young-engineers.co.uk, by telephone on 07522 602 122 or please leave your details on our Contact Us page.

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Ages: 5-11

Lesson duration: 60 – 90 minutes

Program subjects include:

Basic and complex mathematics: Instructors teach basic math, from addition and subtraction to exponents.

Famous scientific and philosophical figures: Archimedes, Sir Isaac Newton, Einstein, and more.

Powers and principles in physics: Centrifugal and centripetal forces, the power of inertia, potential energy, kinetic energy, action/reaction law, buoyancy, torque, fulcrum, load division, angular momentum, and more.

Statistical Overview: After extensive testing, it has been statistically proven that children participating in e² Young Engineers enrichment programs achieve high grades within all scientific subjects taught at school. It has also been proven that primary school students who join Young Engineers community obtain the mathematical knowledge required to succeed when tackling the more complex scientific curricula taught at middle and high schools.